Battle Cry General Rock Song
Hard Rock Idea #1 General Rock Song
Jenga AR Game Loop (Revised) Video Game Loop
JengaAR Game Loop Video Game Loop
Seeking Truth Heavy Metal Song
The Dark Forest Pursuit Heavy Metal Song
The Dark Forest Melancholy Classical Song
Test for Breakdown Heavy Metal Loop

2013 Submissions

En Oscuridad General Rock Song

2012 Submissions

Ali Bak-Do's theme Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

Ballar de los Cielos Techno Song
Streetlight Swing Techno Techno Song
Ninjas will steal Newgrounds Miscellaneous Song
Final Farewell (Goodbye sux) Techno Song
The War Within Heavy Metal Song
Curse of the Music Box Goth Song
Thirty Year War (Melodic Goth Song
Last Stand Trance #3 Trance Song
Last Stand Techno #2 Trance Song
Penguin Melody #2 Techno Song
Fire Cry Techno Song
The Past is Proof Ambient Loop
Hard Rock Jam #1 General Rock Song
Duck song(backing guitar) Miscellaneous Song
Rise of an Era (Melodic Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Viking Crashmetal(harmonic rok Heavy Metal Song
Breaking Free (No vox) Techno Song
Athens in Ruin(melodic Rock) Heavy Metal Song
Bloodshed Christmas intro General Rock Song
Breaking Free (Tekno REmix) Techno Song
Impromtu No. 1 Techno Loop
Tulips Techno(Novox) Techno Song
Looking Glass War(Melodic Rok) Goth Song
Tulips Techno (Remix) Techno Song
Hey fool wheres your ship Hip Hop - Modern Song
Reign of Saruman Techno Song
Felix Skyrider Techno Song
Brutal X_Finale Techno Song
Vegas in Flames Trance Loop
shot in the head(DEMO) Heavy Metal Song
Stay with me(demo) Punk Song
Echoes of the Night Heavy Metal Song
Eating a Crayon on Sunday Techno Song
Circle of fifths loop Techno Loop
Penguin Melody #1 Dance Song
Piano Pattern Classical Loop
TD Experiment 4 Techno Song
J'adore de-lays Techno Song
Forever they fall 220bpm Trance Song
Into the Abyss (metal) Heavy Metal Song
Last Stand *Techno* Techno Song
BrutalX (wired strings) Techno Song
The Happy Farmer Miscellaneous Song
Operation Thunderstrike(ACDC) Techno Song
Fury of the Fire Video Game Song
Frozen Fortress Video Game Song
Zombies like popcore General Rock Song
Cheesy Happy Birthday Miscellaneous Song
Chaos Metal Fury(Prototype) Heavy Metal Song
Dark Dance Melody Techno Song
Smokerman tribute song Ska Song
Star light melody Techno Song
The longest day Techno Song
Pwn the N00b Techno Song
While Death awaits... Industrial Song
Crash of the Dark Tide Heavy Metal Song
Run Away Yesterday Punk Song
Love without Words Indie Song
Trapped in a melting Igloo Techno Song
A little reason to dance Indie Song
Rising Zombie Tide Techno Song
Mountain Breeze Carosel Trance Loop
Whats new with new years Indie Song
Brutal X Techno Song
Newgrounds goes Hardcore Heavy Metal Song
The Newgrounds Anthem Heavy Metal Song
Moonlight Tekno Techno Song
Chasing Emery Techno Song
Edward Cullen has died! Techno Song
Fires in Alaska need more ice General Rock Song
The Gunfight at the white hous General Rock Song
U-vA-Ra Techno Song
Crazy in Africa Trance Song
Super Intense Hardcore Techno Techno Song
The World Goes On Goth Song
Crazy German Techno Techno Song
House of the Rising Sun.0 Techno Song
TD Experiment 3.0 Techno Song
Sunrise at Edge World(incompl) Techno Song
Destiny needs no occasion Techno Song
Paradise on D Techno Song
TD Experiment 2 Techno Song
TD Experiment Techno Song
Holocaust 2.0 Techno Song